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Stage 1 Complete

Sep 04, 2016

They say that all good things come to a end…. Well Stage 1 of the Mission is now completed and the Landcruiser has been parked up in storage in Bratislava waiting for me to return in 2017 to continue with the Stage 2 Mission so keep watching for more details.
I must say that these 6 months have just flown by and this trip was the most amazing experience I have ever had. So now to empty my bags catch up with family & friends back home and start planning for Stage 2.
Since March till the end of August we traveled 30,647 km  and burned up 4,685 Litres of Diesel. So based on this I have left a pretty good Carbon Footprint on the world.
A big thanks to all my traveling companions and all the followers and people who sent emails of encouragement.
As Big Arny would say "I Will Be Back"
Kia ora

Catching up with Igor & Iveta