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Back to Russia the Fast Way

Aug 12, 2016

Its been a action packed week…. I flew back to Saint Petersburg to meet up with a friend Mike who has just taken delivery of his new Learjet and Terry & Baz are with him on its voyage back to NZ so it was great to spend a week with them in some fast wheels man it a nice plane :-) I have now hooked back up with my Landcruiser & meet Barbara in Vienna and we drove to Budapest & then onto Krakow, Poland. Today was a very somber day as we visited Auschwitz POW Camp…. My god I feel for those poor people over 1million who were caught up in this place and lost there lives to these madmen.
Well for those of you who are wondering why I have not pasted any updated photos lately to my web page…. Well my Website Provider has let me down and there is a hick up with trying to load photos at present. They are working at snails pace to try and fix it so keep dialled in as I hope they will get it sorted Soon!!. In the mean time those of you who have a Instagram account you can find my updates there ; raycooknz is the account name.