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Moscow - Latvia – Lithuania

Jul 22, 2016

My Moscow stopover was a great time to catch up with Igor & Valery, even with the Vodka Hangovers :-) I got to visit the Famous Nikulin Moscow Circus and that was amazing! Parked up at Red Square for a quick photo shoot before I was moved on in a big hurry by one of Mr Putins Guards :-) Had the Landcruiser serviced at Moscow Toyota. The city planners have done an amazing job of upgrading the city area with new granite paving & Landscaping this would have to be one of the better citys that I have ever visited.  Well after some reassessment of my Planned Itinerary into Europe with all the crazy stuff going on in the world at present I have now entered into Europe via Latvia – Lithuania. The crossing at the Russia / Latvia border was a very slow process with an approx 3 hour wait. I have never seen so many Trucks lined up, I feel for those pour truck drivers. I spoke with one and he said that it normally takes them about 24 hours to just cross the Border. The last 2 days weather have been crap. Cant complain as I have had a good run of fine weather.... I have just watched CNN and seen all the floods in China & Inner Mongolia at present to think it was only a few weeks ago I was driving through this part of the world. It must of been very bad as the Moscow to Beijing  Silk Rally has been cancelled today....
 Smoko Break.....