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Jul 14, 2016


Well I have finally arrived in Moscow in one peace after driving 25,261 km since leaving Singapore on 9th March used up 3,833 Litres Diesel so far. The Toyota is running great with out a squeak or rattle since the day we left. In saying this I still have approx 2800 km to go to get to Vienna yet........
Shit the Moscow traffic is frantic with Construction on every corner and lots of Tourists, so looks like the Trade Sanctions have meant absolutely nothing to Russia maybe that's why over the last few days most European Countries are wanting them dropped??
I'm hoping to drive the car in morning into to Red Square and get some photos before traffic and tourist are up if I'm lucky :-) I may even try the drone for a laugh....
today will be busy arranging my visa to drive through Belarus and getting Toyota serviced.
I will also go and meet up with my old friend Valery for a couple of days at his Dacha in the country so hope I survive the Vodka toast's he will have planned.
 Arrived in Moscow !